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Shift Gears and Increase Momentum to Finish 2022 Strong

Today, October 17, 2022, is the 290th day of the year 2022. 79.5% of this year has passed. Have you invested your time wisely? What will you do with the remaining 75 days in this year? The 1800 hours, 108,000 minutes remaining in your 2022 hourglass? How will you finish strong in your 2022 4th quarter?

Athletes enter the 4th quarter, the final inning, final match, final mile, or lap with a winner’s mindset. Whether they are trailing in score or placement or ahead, their mindset is key to finishing strong. They are not half-hearted or coasting. Rather focused, full throttle and ready to give it their all. Of course, a “win” is great and what every athlete and sport team is striving for. However, more importantly is knowing that they (you) gave it your all. You left it all on the field, court, track etc. No regrets on the effort and energy invested.

It is the same in our pursuit of personal and professional goals. Where are you in your 2022 plan? Your plan for health and fitness, financial, personal, or business growth? Perhaps you are on track. You have achieved some of your 2022 goals. You excel at setting goals, taking consistent action moving forward toward achieving the remainder of your 2022 plan. You are on track for finishing strong. If this is you, you are in the minority group, the 8% of individuals who achieve their goals (University of Scranton research). Or perhaps you fall into the majority group of 92% or more of individuals who start strong. They begin with good intentions but lose momentum, lose focus, and arrive at day 290 nowhere near the finish line they envisioned. Do not despair and do not wait to reset on January 1. Decide today to reset. Take action and shift gears, making the most of the next 75 days to finish strong.

We all know there is power in action. Get moving. There is inspiration and motivation in clarity. Pick up the goals you set, get clear and focused on what you want and recommit to yourself. You are worth it. There is power in accountability. Accountability brings encouragement and support. Find an accountability partner. Perhaps you know someone who falls in the minority group of individuals who excel at setting and achieving goals. Reach out to them and ask if they would be willing to be your accountability partner for your 2022 4th quarter. I would wager that they would be willing to help you.

If you fall into the minority group, you are on track for your 2022 goals… Congratulations! Keep moving. Don’t coast through the last 75 days (1800 hours 108,000 minutes) of 2022.

“You did not come this far, to only come this far. Dig deep, finish strong and make yourself proud.” – Gary Ryan Blair

Do a 4th quarter assessment. Make small adjustments, dig deeper, increase your momentum and finish even stronger.

Carpe Diem x 75. Seize each day for the 75 remaining days of 2022!

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Mary Lou Guinn
Mary Lou Guinn
Oct 19, 2022

Great article with motivation to keep going and finish strong.

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