The Online Leadership Institute is Here!

Are you tired, overwhelmed, stressed? Do you need development opportunities to learn and sharpen soft skills? Have you been looking for a solution that doesn’t involve a classroom? 


Go Beyond Consulting has the online learning solution you need. Ten self-paced online courses packed with the keys to unlock your potential and take your leadership to the next level. Everything you need to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be.

If you're in a leadership position, searching for dynamic leadership development training for your staff, or ready to prepare yourself for a future leadership opportunity, Go Beyond’s Leadership Institute is your solution.

Let us help your leaders build the bridge between their perceived limits and their untapped potential. Leadership is a skill for everyone-not just managers.

Added Benefit: Earn clock hours while you develop and hone your leadership skills!

Are you wondering if this is the right solution for you?
The Leadership Institute is PERFECT for individuals who…
  • Desire to take their leadership to the next level
    Leadership is not about you, but starts with you

  • Desire to expand their influence and deliver even greater results
    Grow in confidence, agility and composure to expand influence and deliver results

  • Want to be prepared for the next opportunities in their career and life
    When opportunities come it is too late to get prepared

  • Understand that it takes commitment and works to “grow oneself”
    Learning + commitment + discipline + action = growth, increased influence and results

  • Understand that leading others begins with leading themselves
    Real transformation begins within… lead from the inside out

  • Have a growth mindset
    Believes they can develop their abilities, values feedback as essential to their growth, understands effort and challenges are part of the equations for growth


Leadership Institute Course Overview

Leadership Begins with You  
All too often leadership analysis focuses only on results, and not how those results are attained. In every interaction, a leader is the pivotal element. This course is a journey to discover and understand strategies for:

  • Leading yourself first.

  • Understand the impact of “how you show up, how you affect a room and the environment you create.”

  • Developing your “A” game plan (high-impact action plan).


The Agile Leader    
An old Chinese proverb reads, ‘the wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher.’ Agility, adaptability – the ability to change (or be changed) to fit new circumstances – is a crucial skill for leaders, and an important competency in emotional intelligence. In today’s world, change occurs at warp speed… Leaders need to stay ahead, to see more than others, and to see before others. This course prepares participants to lead through resistance and change, realizing strategies to navigate conflict resolution and problem solve with greater confidence and agility.

Communication…Connection & Results (Part I & II)
Effective communication goes beyond just delivering information. It is the key to connection and the call to action. Without connection, communication is void of power. This two-part course is a journey to discover strategies for:

  • Strengthening communication skills through connection.

  • Communicating with brevity, clarity and confidence.

  • Delivering succinct and compelling message(s) and discovering common barriers to effective communication.


Participants will leave ready to implement actionable strategies to connect and communicate more effectively.


Strengths and Leveraging Capacity  
Every person has dynamic talents waiting to be unlocked, developed and launched to expand influence and impact. This course is a journey of discovering individual strengths, understanding strengths and how to leverage capacity, and learning strategies to work “in and from” strengths. Participants will leave with greater clarity of their innate strengths and actionable strategies to maximize leading from those strengths.

Culture… Leaders Create or Allow Culture 
Positive or negative, trusting or cynical, culture is contagious. Leaders throughout the organization are responsible for creating, modeling and ensuring that the culture aligns with organizational core values and supports the mission, vision and strategic goals. This course provides opportunity to discover strategies for creating and sustaining an energy infused and results-oriented culture. Participants will discover and develop:

  • The power and impact that showing up and choice have on culture.

  • Strategies to identify, address and go beyond issues impacting trust.

  • An action plan to set the stage, tone and culture for a results-driven team.


​Emotional Intelligent Leader
Decades of research support emotional intelligence (EI) over IQ as the key factor that sets peak performers apart from the mainstream. EI leaders are flexible and learnable. Like a ship’s rudder, EI affects how we manage behavior, navigate social and emotional complexities and make decisions that achieve positive results. In this course participants will discover the impact of EI on performance and success, strategies to boost their EI and an action ready plan for growth.

TEAM - Lead and Develop your High Performing Dream Team (Part I & II)
Teamwork is more than just working efficiently as a team. Leaders need to be able to identify individual team member strengths, strategies to align strengths to work responsibilities and strategies to ignite enthusiasm and lead their team to focus relentlessly on the mission and vision. The collective strategies discovered in courses 1–7 of this Leadership Institute provide the bricks and mortar to establish a strong foundation for developing and leading high-performing teams. Effective leaders are intentional in identifying and unleashing the power of their people. They are masters at leading people to continually operate in the “excellence zone” where they win together and achieve big goals.  This two-part course is a journey of discovery into the elements of high-performing teams. Participants will discover strategies to identify team member strengths and generate synergy, cultivate an interdependent we-opic team, strategies to inspire, equip, build and lead a high-performing team.


Developing Leaders Around You
Developing leaders to fulfill your organization’s mission and vision is critical to organizational growth and progress. In the absence of focused and continuous leadership development, an organization faces stagnation, failure to fulfill purpose, fiscal implications, lost opportunities, costly employee turnover, etc. High-impact leaders understand and embrace their responsibility to invest time, energy, and resources in developing their team leaders. In this course participants will discover:

  • Strategies to create an environment where leaders thrive and go beyond success to significance.

  • The power of empowerment; to develop leaders, one must give power to others.

  • The leadership development compounding effect.

  • Key action steps to identify and develop leaders who excel.


Download the Troubleshooting or FAQ PDF documents for the Leadership Institute.