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The Collaborative Learning Sessions (CLS) are 10 collaborative classes for your employees that are enrolled in the Leadership Institute. The CLS’s are meant to run parallel to the Leadership Institute. Reviewing the Leadership Institute courses alongside colleagues is an important part of the learning process. Each individual processes information differently. The group dynamic of the CLS along with the discussion questions specific to each course, offers the individuals an opportunity to glean from and add to the learning of their peers. The CLS’s can be conducted in-person or virtually.

Our CLS’s are a valuable add-on to the Leadership Institute. They were designed to enhance learning and increase accountability among participants. The CLS allows participants to share and learn from their colleagues as they participate in the Leadership Institute.

After purchasing the Leadership institute for your employees, we recommend either enrolling them in a CLS or setting up a CLS within your organization. If you opt to setup an in-house CLS, our Facilitator Guide includes everything your facilitator will need to conduct each of the 10 Collaborative Learning Sessions, including email templates, printable documents, and class scripts and outlines. With your purchase you receive the in-person and virtual CLS Facilitator Guides.

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Who should facilitate the CLS? Ideally, your facilitator would be someone in human resources or current supervisors/managers who are skilled facilitators.  Anyone that your employees know and trust would be a good choice.  As you develop leaders, sharing the opportunity to facilitate (or co-facilitate) a CLS provides an excellent opportunity to lead in action. The ability to facilitate groups is a key skill for leaders. The facilitator should have already completed or be currently enrolled in the Leadership Institute.

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