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Go Beyond Consulting partners with talented coaches in several different industries to offer our clients a wide breadth of coaching expertise.


Gina Bullis | CEO

Go Beyond Consulting


Gina Bullis is dedicated to providing quality solutions to support your leadership development. A talented leader with diverse leadership experience, Gina has worked across multiple industry sectors; K-12 Education, Healthcare, Professional Services and Construction. Her knowledge and practice include accounting, finance, human resources, organizational and leadership development, banking and sales. With Leadership Development as her core skill she demonstrates extraordinary ability to connect, inspire and lead people in the discovery, development and deployment of their strengths, agility, skills and potential. She profoundly believes that every individual has within them the resources and potential to grow and be a leader of great influence, impacting their organizations and the world. They simply need the tools, resources, and opportunity to discover, develop and launch their potential. 


During her thirty-year professional career, she passionately pursued leadership development curricula, training and opportunities for herself and others. Unable to find a unique solution  strategically designed to meet each leader where they are in their journey and facilitate their individual growth, she took action. Gina’s profound belief in human potential, coupled with passion and the demand for providing effective leadership development, were the driving forces behind the formation of Go Beyond Consulting, an organization committed to providing dynamic solutions to develop leaders and build leadership capacity across organizations.  


Gordon Flinn | President, CEO

Go Forth Consulting


Gordon is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of achieving results in the transportation, financial services and education industries. Gordon is mission-driven and people-oriented, with a passion for working with leaders, donors and organizations to discover and develop their capacity and sustainable effectiveness. He brings broad experience in operations management and systems efficiency from United Parcel Service and over 20 years in marketing and development.


His results-oriented ability to coach leaders, integrate systems, and develop effective planning, delivers additional value to our clients. In addition to working with Go Beyond Consulting’s clients, Gordon leads Go Forth Consulting in Redding, California.


Michael Newman | Founder and CEO

Innovations In Leadership


Mike is the founder and CEO of Innovations In Leadership. His focus is on assisting leaders in organizations to develop the next generation of leaders who are prepared to step into new roles. As a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with Maxwell Leadership, Personality Insights, People Keys, and a Working Genuis facilitator, he assists leaders and organizations in developing themselves and their teams. Mike has invested over 35 years as a leader in public education. As a teacher, coach, principal, curriculum director, and superintendent of business and operations, his practical experience in the day-to-day operations of large organizations provides real-world perspectives as he works with leaders and their teams to transform the workplace and their lives.  Mike and his wife Patty are the proud parents of three adult sons, an amazing daughter-in-law, and two incredible grandsons.

Jan MacDonald | Fun Leadership Development Trainer, Executive and Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker, Certified DISC Consultant, Spiritual Retreat Leader, OMWBE Certified, and Certified Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Trainer

Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member


Jan McDonald cares about people and their future growth and success. For 14 years, Jan was the CEO of very successful, faith-based Pregnancy Medical Clinics. In 2015, Jan became a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Speaker, and Leadership Trainer because of the great impact leadership skills had on those organizations, her life, and her relationships. Her keynotes and training are motivational, educational, and fun.   


That experience as CEO makes her an excellent match for the leadership, vision, and strategic planning required for the companies and individuals she serves. Jan is a results-oriented, yet a compassionate leader. She is proficient at identifying organizational needs and has the desire to build business relationships and possesses the ability to lead others. Jan’s leadership experience and success in achieving organizational goals and objectives have consistently taken those she serves to the next level.


Wendy Rimmelspacher | Speaker and Coach

Wendy Rimmelspacher


Wendy Rimmelspacher is a career Washington State School Finance Director and CPA (-retired) turned Motivational Speaker and Coach who helps people realize their full potential and purpose so they can live a more joyful, confident life. Her career spanned a 30-year duration at one school district in eastern Washington with great success in leading a team of Business Operations staff as well as operational leaders in the food service, transportation, and maintenance & custodial departments during her long tenure. Infusing positivity along with building confidence for staff to implement new technology tools and efficiency strategies to keep up with the fast pace of change and accountability requirements. She is the creator of Wendy Rimmelspacher Consulting, a professional speaking, and coaching business, that provides for connecting with people who are looking for inspiration and a way to move out of the status quo so they can make the impact they were meant to make. After her career in the corporate and public accounting arena, she experienced a diminishing level of passion and purpose. She is able to look back and identify one moment when she accepted an invitation to step into a new professional role, as the key experience that ignited her new passion and purpose. From this experience, she can easily see the effects of career stagnancy and now brings this to the attention of others, so they can take action and address their auto-pilot-type life. She has spoken to many about taking steps to move beyond their fears and into their joy on both small and large virtual and in-person stages. Through her speaking engagements and coaching, she helps open doors for people to begin the journey that reveals more of their full potential and purpose.

Judy Rooney, MSW, LCSW | Certified Habits and Mindset Coach 

Once Upon a Habit


As a practicing licensed clinical therapist and certified mindset and habit coach, Judy brings a wealth of experience from her professional journey over the past 30 years. Most recently, her focus has been in health care, integrating mental health with primary care, working directly with providers and consumers of care.  Judy enjoys working with groups and hosting workshops that introduce skills and strategies to empower development and interpersonal effectiveness to build relationships, wellness, and self-fulfillment. She believes there is no health without mental health, endorsing the importance of emotional, psychological, and social well-being along with the influence of mindset and habits to change behavior and achieve personal and professional success. She is the creator and operator of Once Upon a Habit Coaching.


Robert Kaelin | President, CEO and Executive Coach 

Generous Influencers


Robert Kaelin is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and coach. Robert began a journey and found a passion for leadership while working at Microsoft and began pursuing that passion after graduating with a degree in leadership from Faith International University. He is a restaurant owner with his wife in the heart of his hometown, Puyallup with a café called Elements. Robert is a visionary leader, launching Counter Culture Leadership which helps equip leaders to reach their full potential. He runs the non-profit called Generous Influencers, which is on mission to influence communities with generosity through community events. Robert is also currently serving on the Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors. Robert lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Jackie. They have three children and love spending their time adventuring and soaking in the world around them.

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