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Questions to Ask That Improve Team Culture

Being inquisitive and asking questions to improve can go a long way in improving team culture in two ways. First , your boss will notice your initiative and second it cultivates open communication with your peers which provides more opportunities for collaboration. It can also benefit you by providing clarity about the bigger picture and knowing how your work fits in. If asked in the right way, questions can help shift the culture towards positivity and motivation.

Keep in mind that being inquisitive doesn’t mean asking to ask It is also important to check your intent for asking. Be sure your intent is to understand and improve communication, team and results. When your questions are rooted in a mindset for improvement that benefits everyone, there is a higher probability that those involved will receive, process and respond to the questions with an open, non-defensive mindset.

Focus on questions that will help you better understand the organization, organizational initiatives, your work or the work of your peers.

  1. What do you think we could do to improve our culture?

  2. What makes you feel motivated at work?

  3. What makes you feel engaged at work?

  4. What do you think our biggest challenge is as a team?

  5. How do you think we can improve how our team works together?

  6. How can I better support you?

  7. How can I better support the team?

  8. In your eyes, is there anything I could do to improve my performance?

  9. What are the organizations biggest priorities right now?

  10. How do you think we should handle conflict?

Remember that some of these questions could seem redundant if for example, the organizational initiatives are posted where anyone has access to them, or if strengths and weaknesses are discussed in team meetings. Be careful to ask questions that haven’t been discussed before or to rephrase the question into something that will be more useful for you or your team. Your preparation and intent are key to successful outcomes when asking questions that can lead to improving culture.


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