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“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the risks and costs to comfortable inaction.”

–John F. Kennedy (35th U.S. President)

Go Beyond is committed to helping you and your organization overcome challenges that affect overall organizational performance. Bridging the gap between perceived limits and untapped potential.


At Go Beyond, our dynamic leadership development solutions are designed to strategically meet every leader, emerging to executive, exactly where they are on their leadership journey, and facilitate learning, discovery and development. Individuals are equipped and empowered to expand their influence, strengthen agility, learn to become comfortable with uncertainty and magnify their impact. Develop the person, develop the leader.


Leadership Development is the key to improved morale, employee retention, high-performing teams, increased efficiency and organizational growth. Many organizations are experiencing a leadership gap where the demand for highly effective leadership is growing and the supply is decreasing. Many leaders admit to being over-stressed and not enjoying their jobs. Many employees voice wanting stronger leadership with better communication. That is where we come in.


From our online, self-paced Leadership Institute (developed for experienced to emerging or aspiring leaders) to our Executive Coaching, we have an affordable solution that fits your needs.

​“You can not be the same, think the same, and act the same if you hope to be successful in a world that does not remain the same.”

–John C. Maxwell

Our Leadership Solutions help you to:

  • Develop agile leaders who move forward courageously in the midst of change and uncertainty

  • Support the development of current and aspiring leaders

  • Equip leaders to motivate staff and facilitate change

  • Build and strengthen leadership capacity across your organization


Leadership Institute

Online, self-paced, affordable professional development for everyone.

All Hands In

Collaborative Learning Sessions

Virtual or in-person collaborative sessions for Leadership Institute participants.

Woman at Work

Executive Coaching

Customized, one-on-one, professional development for executives. 

A presentation at the office

Power Skills Toolkit

Essential power skillls for everyone.

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