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A full 5-course toolkit includes comprehensive, easy-to-use guides for facilitating group participation through the Power Skills Training. 


Power Skills are the keys to unlocking potential. Developing power skills is integral to working with others, delivering results and opening the door to future career opportunities. The future success of your company hinges on your employees' ability to adapt, grow and master their skillset. Mastering power skills allows your employees to excell in their role and contribute to the growth and productivity of the company. Employees with strong power skills translates to effective problem solving, clear communication, increased employee engagement, better team relationships and higher productivity.


The Power Skills Toolkit includes everything you need to facilitate the 5-course, interactive training. Purchase the toolkit to facilitate group training for your employees. 


The Power Skills Toolkit includes:

  • Power Skills Facilitator Instructions

  • Power Skills Participant Handbook

  • Power Skills Pocket Cards

  • Welcome Email Template

  • Meeting Invite Templates

  • Power Skills PowerPoint Presentations

Each participant leaves the training with their personalized Growth Development Plan and Evaluation Period Timeline for feedback and reflection. 

Power Skills Toolkit Presentation Content


Service Excellence including Composure and Time Management


Problem Solving & Cristical Thinking


Team Players


Confidence & Ownership


Communication, Active Listening & Feedback

Benefits to Employees

The benefit to employees is infinite, but below are the highlights.

  • Open the door for new opportunities! When skills exceed expectations, opportunities follow.

  • Workers who master power skills will climb professionally

  • Power skills are the future of talent development

  • Build confidence and credibility

  • Re-energizes employees

  • Gives employees the tools to excell in their role

  • Increased employee satisfaction

  • Increased productivity

Beneifts to Employers

For years we have put the emphasis on hard skills, but as the global workforce grows and changes, powers skills are becoming more important than ever.

  • Turn-key solution to develop employee power skills

  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use and facilitate

  • Power skills help employees work better with others and deliver results

  • Investing in your employees is investing in your business

  • When employees master power skills, you have a larger pool to promote from

  • When you invest in your employees, retention increases and you become more attractive to new employees

  • Power skills can help improve your company culture

"Great course. Although I am a VERY private person, this course helped me open up to communication and participation in groups.
"[This course made me think differently about] teamwork - Regardless of feelings for one another, we can all find a way to work together for a common goal."
“[This course made me think differently] about how I act and react to situations.”
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