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At Go Beyond Consulting, we measure success through the success of our clients and through the clients that come back for more. We’ve helped countless leaders and organizations achieve their leadership goals. But don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say…

The Pacific Financial Group
Seattle, WA

“I chose Go Beyond Consulting for my leadership development because I wanted an option that was online, and that I could complete at my own pace.  After completing the online courses, I was so impressed with the content that I decided to use GBC for Executive Coaching as well. Since hiring GBC, I have applied my learnings in my work environment which have cultivated better outcomes with my team, our projects and our roles within the organization.  The highly personalized leadership coaching and training combined with their online training content make GBC a great resource for anyone looking for a leadership training partner and platform."

Marty Pearson

VP of IT

Cow Path Bakery
Othello, WA

"I love how the [Leadership Institute] segments are broken down into bite size lessons, it makes the program feel more manageable to work through.


I've felt more confident in my ability to lead my team. I've become more self-aware in how I address different situations that have come up with both employees and even customers.

Janice Baginski


ESD 112 | Construction Services Group
Vancouver, WA

"The Leadership Institute has impacted my leadership through self reflection and top of the mind awareness as to what leadership means - and a good reminder that leadership is not a one-and-done event, it's a long term, consistent, approach to behavior that sustains over the good times and the difficult ones. Being mindful and reminded of being mindful monthly helps sustain this thinking."

Jennifer C. Halleck

CSG Associate Director Construction, Operations & Projects

Ephrata School District
Ephrata, WA

 “I have been in education for 33 years, 17 years as an administrator.  Go Beyond’s leadership academy is the first professional development training that is 100% focused on my growth as a leader.” 


Aaron Cummings

2019 Ephrata High School Principal

Walla Walla Public School
Walla Walla, WA

“Gina served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Othello School District. Gina not only has been a leader in the financial sector of our education profession, she has an excellent understanding and practical knowledge of the organizational systems that make educational organizations efficient and effective. Gina is a leader that has the skill to transfer her knowledge and inspire educators to take personal responsibility for the success and excellence of their agencies, departments and school districts. I highly recommend you take advantage of Gina’s leadership and organizational training.”

Dr. Bill Jordan
Superintendent (Retired)

Ephrata School District
Ephrata, WA

“Go Beyond’s Leadership Academy courses are great, and I don’t want to miss a thing."

Jo Maedke

IT Director

Ephrata School District
Ephrata, WA

“Go Beyond’s Leadership Academy is unique, it strategically focuses on each individual leader (principal, superintendent, director), and their individual growth. All administrators and directors in the Ephrata School District participated and benefited from the leadership academy.” 

Dan Martell

Superintendent (Retired)

Architects West
Coeur d"Alene, ID

“I have had the pleasure of working with Gina for over ten years. She has the unique ability to inspire leadership by example and is always considered fair and just by all parties, I have always been impressed by Gina’s ability to impartially assess a situation and intuitively devise a solution that is fair to all participants. This gives her a unique perspective to nurture leadership in others.”

Ed Champagne
Principal Architect

Alliance of Educational Associations
Olympia, WA

“Gina has a clear understanding of the complexities of the running of a K-12 school district and understands the business side of that operation extremely well.  She has demonstrated the ability to lead her former school district in development of a school bond package to relieve overcrowding in the schools, emphasizing the financial components of the bond package. She has further demonstrated the ability to provide guidance to other administrators, staff, parents and even interested students into the financial operations of the district as well as future trends and opportunities.

 Finally, she has demonstrated leadership in the WA Association of School Business Officials (WASBO) for a number of years.  She has given conference workshops and worked individually with other school business officials to ensure that effective management practices continue to be implemented.”

Mitch Denning
Superintendent of Schools Harrington, WA and Raymond, WA (retired)

Lake Washington School District
Redmond, WA

“The Leadership Development Workshop was a great event. Thank you Go Beyond Consulting for providing a platform for our leaders to learn how to be conscious of the people around them and how to provide an even better work environment.”

Central Office Administrator

Atkins, Nuclear Secured

“After 32-years of service in the United States Navy, and as one of Richland, Washington’s newest (and first-time) residents, I wanted to get involved in my new community as soon as possible.  Given a speaking opportunity at the Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Conference, I reached out to many of the other speakers to make connections on LinkedIn.  Gina was one of the other speakers.  We struck up more than just a connection, we struck up a dialogue!  We had an instant rapport because we’re both passionate about leadership and service and support to others, particularly given our backgrounds in education. 


What fascinated me the most was her extensive experience and approach to leadership development.  I was also fascinated to learn more about her Leadership Institute.  And then I listened to her presentation.  Wow!  Gina is amazing and inspirational!  She had the challenge of being one of the first speakers following a very powerful keynote, and she delivered!  Part of her appeal is not only the personal manner in which she shares her brand, but also the overall personal sense of engagement with her entire audience.  I really liked her incredible range of both confidence and humility that reached everyone.


My family and I are excited to be part of our new community, and I look forward to continuing to learn from Gina and what’s made her so successful.”

Brian Fort

Vice President, Strategic Programs

PayneWest Insurance
Richland, WA

"I recently had the opportunity to attend, Unlock Your Potential & Lead with Confidence presented by Gina Bullis, Go Beyond Consulting. 


I immediately knew I was going to LOVE Gina’s presentation, simply by her passion and energy !!  Not only was Gina funny and engaging, her genuine desire to help others become their BEST was obvious from the start!


The conversation focused on  everyday strategies we can implement to build self-confidence by acknowledging  self-doubt/fears and focusing on accomplishments to set us on the path for success.


If you have the opportunity to attend one of Gina’s presentations,  or simply spend time with her, don’t let the opportunity for conversation pass you by!


Thank you for the life lessons Gina!

Roxann Shuck, CIC, PLCS, AAI

Director, Personal Insurance

American Childhood Cancer Organization
Spokane, WA

"Gina is hands down an amazing leader in the community and her field. She can take each member of your team to levels of training that far surpass your expectations. I highly recommend Gina and the Go Beyond Consulting team."

Sarah Brown

Executive Director

Mead School District
Mead, WA

“Go Beyond’s Leadership Academy’s recognizes that all leaders are in different phases of growth. The training provides time for reflection where participants can personalize the learning and incorporate into their individual leadership development.”


Chris Backman

2019 Meadow Ridge Elementary School Principal

Washington State Risk Management Pool
Tukwila, WA

"I am not the same person now since going through the Go Beyond Consulting Leadership program that I was before starting the program. I now have an in-depth understanding of why and how individuals differ from others when it comes to thoughts, feelings, and reactions to every aspect of life, whether it’s personal or business. Every individual has their own history. Every person has their own experiences.  Those experiences and history are what shapes an individual’s reasons for why they feel a certain way and why they may react one way while another, with their own history and experiences, feel and react in a totally different way.  This program doesn’t just touch these issues with lectures and activities in a day or two like so many other leadership programs. Go Beyond Consulting doesn’t just scratch the surface and make you think about these issues but it digs deep, so deep that when you go through it you don’t just think, your mind opens up like never before."

Nancy L. Nichols, AIC, SCLA

WSRMP Claims Consultant

Othello School District
Othello, WA

“Ms. Bullis’ wealth of knowledge and trainings in the area of leadership development when combined with years of administrative experience enable her to provide aspiring administrators with practical, proven skills and strategies to be effective LEADERS.”

George Juarez
Superintendent (Retired)

Ephrata School District
Ephrata, WA

"Go Beyond’s Leadership Academy and Administrator Retreat - Thank you. All sessions have been a positive experience for me and this was the best one yet. I appreciate the trust and safety to share. I love this training because it is for me as a leader, not something to learn and take back to others. The focus on us as leaders and how to improve ourselves as people and "bosses" is valuable, worth the time and much appreciated."

Building Administrator

GoForth Consulting
Redding, CA

“Gina is bright, dedicated, personable, an individual of integrity and delivers extraordinary volumes of high-quality work.  She brings a strong sense of confidence, cooperation and loyalty to the workplace, and is adept at working with all types of personalities and age groups to accomplish mission-driven outcomes.  In particular, Gina is a leader of leaders. Almost everyone has some leadership capacity. Gina is driven to identify, cultivate and call out the potential in people...with a unique blend of individual focus and team dynamics. 

Gina is self-motivated, disciplined, and thrives in a demanding environment working independently and as an integral part of a team. A value-add, she will guide individuals to become more effective leaders, better employees, and people. I have every confidence that Gina will stretch you, strengthen your leadership, compound your leadership potential and tap into the wellspring of capacity in your team."

Gordon Flinn

President/CEO of Go Forth Consulting

Former Vice President for Advancement, Simpson University

ESD 112
Vancouver, WA

“Gina Bullis’ experience as a school district finance officer, long-term contributor to the Washington Association of School Business Officials, and leadership trainer, make her uniquely qualified to assist individuals and organizations in enhancing leadership skills.
I have known and worked with Gina in various roles for almost 15 years.  During that time, I have come to greatly appreciate her positive attitude, fiscal responsibility, and leadership skills.  She has significant hands-on experience in all of the following areas:

Successful leadership on crucial issues
Building strong relationships to strengthen support and enhance an organization’s credibility
Effective communication with various constituent groups
Strategic planning, resulting in organizational improvement
Building support from peers
Mentoring others to improve their future

My experience as a school district financial advisor has placed me in contact with many school finance officers over the years.  I believe Gina is exemplary in her ability to successfully meet the varying challenges of that work.

Mark Prussing
Executive Director Financial Advisory Services

Columbia Forest Products
Mellen, WI

"I have truly enjoyed what the Leadership Institute has provided.  I like the fact that it starts out with self-awareness.  Too many programs don't have that as part of the curriculum.  If you don't have self-awareness, your employee relations are going to be poor.”

Matthew Grage

Value Stream Manager - Cutting

ESD 112 | Construction Services Group
Vancouver, WA

"Very easy to understand concepts and information. The Leadership Institute has brought me better self-awareness and I have spent more time thinking about how I can improve my interactions with the folks I am working with."

Ken Kuiken

CSG Associate Director

Mead School District
Mead, WA

"I have recently completed a year-long leadership training with Go Beyond's Leadership Academy.  I feel blessed to have this special time with my colleagues to reflect, develop a professional growth plan and most importantly learn to lean on my strengths while growing in my areas that need growth.  The trainer's methods allowed us as a group to truly focus on our districts' specific needs all while growing as individuals." 

Rick Pelkie

Mead High School Assistant Principal

Desert Rose Designs LLC
Othello, WA

Gina at Go Beyond Consulting has helped me begin taking steps to take my business to the next level and grow as a leader, giving me the tools & structure it needed. Not only did she guide me in what I was initially seeking, but she has also provided valuable suggestions for the future of my business. I highly recommend Go Beyond Consulting whether you are just starting out, or after years of business are wanting to improve, grow, and reach new goals.

Melody Anguiano


Desert Rose Designs LLC

Othello School District
Othello, WA

“I’ve come to recognize that there are examples of extraordinary work in my home district.  Assistant Superintendent Gina Bullis is the type of transformational leader that has influenced my work substantially. Gina challenges me to grow professionally, encourages me to continue to pursue excellence, and is a model of graciousness when times get tough. As a building administrator I appreciated Gina’s perspective regarding my performance. Her feedback is authentic and encouraging. She has challenged my thinking, supported me in implementing change, and motivated me to celebrate the good and be a keeper of the vision when the work gets hard. Sharing a powerful quote, an excerpt from a book, or just an encouraging note are tangible examples of her daily actions that have impacted me professionally. In her own pursuit of excellence, I’ve noted Gina’s willingness to support those ideas that will move the organization forward.  Her expertise in finance, coupled with her vision to provide excellent opportunities for students is an invaluable combination. Through my research around great leaders, I’ve come to determine that you must have a willingness to be gritty when the waters get rough. Gina demonstrates a firmness of character when navigating challenging ideas and initiatives that may impede or delay progress for the organization. Gina Bullis is the type of leader and coach with a clear vision, a passion for developing others, and a model of graciousness and professionalism that continues to influence and shape my work every day.”

Pete Perez
Superintendent (2021-present)

Assistant Superintendent (2016 - 2021)
Principal of Wahitis Elementary School (2010-2016)

Mead School District
Mead, WA

"Go Beyond's Leadership Academy allowed me to become a more self-aware leader. It assisted me in maximizing my strengths and the strengths of my co-workers to make gradual effective change. I feel this program will continue to help guide me in my every changing leadership role. The academy also allows me to harness the potential talent of my peers based on their particular strengths and how all our strengths interact on our team."  


Lisa Bjorkland

Former Assistant Director of Finance  |  Business Services Department

(Currently Lisa is the Director of Business Services at Central Valley School District)

Othello School District
Othello, WA

Gina has been influential in my development as a leader over the past 10 years. She is dedicated to helping others and her leadership has been vital to the growth and development of many within our district.

Marian Shade
Director of Transportation

Clarkson School District
Clarkston, WA

“I was thoroughly uplifted and motivated by your strong leadership. You have a wealth of knowledge and are so generous to share with colleagues. As a twenty-two year veteran with school district finance, I felt a renewed enthusiasm to “lead” as I left your office. It really shows how important it is for us, as leaders, to collaborate and share and get outside our own office space.”

Wendy Rimmelspacher, CPA, CSBA
Executive Director of Financial Services

Kittitas School District
Kittitas, WA

“Gina has proven herself to be an effective leader that is highly respected throughout the K-12 industry. I’ve worked with Gina for over nine years, including leadership training and coaching with myself and directors.  Not only has she shown true compassion for helping others, she possesses unique skills to develop effective leaders.  She provides useful tools and strategies that are easy to understand and implement.”

Angela Von Essen

Previous Assistant Superintendent for West Valley Yakima School District

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