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Avoiding Burnout:

Creating Space for Reflective Practice

Imagine driving down the highway at 70 mph, five feet from the car in front of you. What happens if that driver suddenly brakes, or the car in the adjacent lane decides to move into your lane? There is not sufficient margin to make the necessary adjustments... the result... a crash. Life is the same way.

Life is insanely busy… moving at warp speed. We mistakenly believe that we can keep the insane… superhuman pace of working 10-12 hour days, skipping breaks, followed by several hours of home/family demands. This pace is void of “space” … margin… the place that can minimize or eliminate burn out. We all want to be our very best… for our families, employers, friends, self. Being intentional about creating space is key to being our best self to consistently deliver excellence.

What does it look like to create space… margin? It takes intentional action to “slow-down” to reflect, refresh and re-energize. Space is a place to reflect... discover, grow, refresh, recharge, and relaunch into your personal and professional worlds. Your space should include a quiet place, void of technology, where you quiet your mind through prayer, reflection, reading, etc. Consistency trumps length of time. Consistency, focus and honoring the “margin” are keys to reaping the benefits. Often, we think, “I am so busy… I do not have time for creating space.” One equality to every human is that we each receive 24 hours every day. You decide how you spend, invest, or waste your time and energy. Invest wisely in yourself… create and honor “space.” Space provides the margin you need in life to adjust to the changes that come your way.

Is burnout a regular visitor in your life? To avoid burnout, overcome today’s turmoil and tomorrow’s uncertainty, ACT and commit to creating space.

“Insanity: doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

Creating space moves you from surviving to thriving. If not now, when?

Gina Bullis is the CEO of Go Beyond Consulting and the creator of the Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute is online leadership training built to meet every individual where they are at in their leadership journey and provide the tools they need to reach their untapped potential. Learn more about Go Beyond Consulting's online Leadership Institute.


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