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5 Reasons Why You Need Leadership Training

Leadership is not a title or a position. It is influence and the ability to deliver results. When you unpack that statement, every individual, regardless of their position or title within an organization, has influence and delivers results. Every individual impacts those around them, the organization’s branding, the culture and the bottom line. We influence others through behavior, attitude, confidence, competencies, composure, agility, ability to communicate effectively and how we contribute to teams. Understanding and maximizing the attributes associated with these is foundational for an individual to optimize their performance, delivering excellence in every situation.

Leading others well, begins with leading oneself first. Investing in developing the “leader within” can lead to transformational change. Imagine performing your daily functions with added confidence, higher emotional intelligence (understanding your emotions and how they impact others), composure and enhanced communication skills. Now imagine the effect that would have on your career growth, on others and on your organization. When you are growing and leading yourself well there is a direct impact in your department, beyond your department and across the organization.

Here are the 5 things that happen to you when you decide to investment in leadership training:

  1. You Become an Empowered Decision Maker and Problem Solver – increased understanding of oneself (awareness/reflection) which develops confidence, agility and belief in one’s skills to assess and solve problems.

  2. You Develop Increased Composure, Emotional Intelligence – Elevated understanding and strategies to develop self-awareness, self-reflection and self-regulation directly impact an your composure (ability to show-up calm under pressure); your ability to anticipate, adapt and act when unexpected changes occur (agility).

  3. You Become an Enhanced Communicator – learn insights and strategies that strengthen and refine communication skills, which in turn directly effects your confidence, composure, influence, contributions, impact and ability to lead others.

  4. You Grow To Be the Ultimate Team Member – as you grow in your self-awareness and self-regulation, you gain insight into how you impact team members (positively and negatively). You learn strategies to change the behaviors that take away from contributing positively to trust, culture and team.

  5. You See Doors Open for Opportunity – as you develop your leader competencies, you are more prepared for opportunities that come your way.

“When opportunity knocks it is too late to get prepared.”

̶ John C. Maxwell

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