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SPRING: The Season of Growth

I live in a small rural farming community where agricultural growth abounds. Farm fields stretch for hundreds of miles. This time of year, farm equipment and workers are tilling and preparing the soil for the planting season. The cycle of maintenance for the soil is constantly under the farmer’s watchful care. From the various processes to “working the soil,” ploughing, fertilizing, applying protection against disease and planting cover crop to eliminate the loss of rich soil, famers are vigilant in caring for the soil. They know their intentional actions are critical to preparing soil of the highest value, key to successful continuous growth and harvest. Care for the soil, plant seeds, protect and nurture through the growth season for the intentional purpose of yielding a bountiful harvest.

Growing as leaders is much like farming. To yield a bountiful harvest (increased composure, confidence, communication, expanded influence, inspiring team members and delivering desired results) a leader must be vigilant in their continuous growth and the development of their people. Growth does not just happen. It is a result of focused, intentional actions. It begins with a growth mindset. People with a growth mindset see opportunities, not obstacles. They focus on discovering a way through or a solution, not the issue. They believe in their ability to learn and grow in and through challenges and/or uncertainties. They understand and own that their attitude is a choice and it is the fuel that drives their growth.

Pause and take a few minutes to look at the image below. Which statements resonate with you? A growth mindset is like a farmer who does everything in his control to prepare his fields with the expectation that he will yield an abundant harvest. From experience he knows that there are several factors outside of his control… one of which is weather. His agility and ability to anticipate, adapt and act when the unexpected occur, coupled with his confidence in his abilities to navigate and resolve issues amidst challenges and uncertainties are indicators of a growth mindset.

As leaders, we navigate constant change and uncertainty. Having a growth mindset is essential to our ability to respond to uncertainties and change with composure, with a calm, optimistic attitude, and with confidence. We have been through other challenges, we can draw from experience… we will find a way to navigate these new challenges.

Spring is a season of growth. It is a season that literally inspires growth. There are visual reminders everywhere. Trees and plants sprout new growth and leaves, flowering plants begin to bud. How are you growing as a leader? What preparations are in progress for “cultivating” the growth of your leaders? Let us help you prepare your field of leaders.

Prepare your team (field) to deliver bountiful results now and for future years. Go Beyond’s Leadership Institute includes 10 self-paced, online courses packed with everything your employees need to unlock their potential and take their leadership to the next level.

Prepare your leaders (the field) for bountiful harvest in 2021 and beyond.


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