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"When it comes to job performance, there’s really not much difference between an ordinary person and an extraordinary person. Consider the game of baseball. Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers had the best batting average in the major leagues last season at around .350. That is, when he came to the plate, Cabrera got a hit 35% of the time. Jedd Gyorko of the San Diego Padres got a hit 25% of the time he batted in 2013. So, only 10% of the time Miguel Cabrera got a hit when Jedd Gyorko didn’t. What’s the difference between ordinary and extraordinary? Well, the word “extra” signifies something additional that’s outstanding and surpasses the usual expectations. For someone who aspires to be influential, the key is to figure out how make the relatively small, but hugely significant, jump from ordinary to extraordinary. Here’s what’s required to make the leap."

Read the full article at here.

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