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Join us for 10 online collaborative learning sessions hosted by Gina Bullis, CEO of Go Beyond Consulting and Gordon Flinn.

In order to participate, you must be actively enrolled in the Leadership Institute (LI). If you are not enrolled in the LI, ENROLL NOW.

Choose from the two cohort groups below and enroll!

  • Group A - meets every 3rd Thursday, 9am-10am starting January 19, 2023. 

  • Group B - meets every 3rd Thursday, 1pm-2pm starting January 19, 2023.

There will be no sessions in July, 2023.

In the event the course enrollment is below 12 participants you may be contacted regarding assignment to a different cohort schedule.

Collaborative Learning Sessions

Session Instructors

Gina Bullis | CEO


Gina Bullis is dedicated to providing quality solutions to support your leadership development. A talented leader with diverse leadership experience, Gina has worked across multiple industry sectors; K-12 Education, Healthcare, Professional Services and Construction. Her knowledge and practice include accounting, finance, human resources, organizational and leadership development, banking and sales. With Leadership Development as her core skill she demonstrates extraordinary ability to connect, inspire and lead people in the discovery, development and deployment of their strengths, agility, skills and potential. She profoundly believes that every individual has within them the resources and potential to grow and be a leader of great influence, impacting their organizations and the world. They simply need the tools, resources, and opportunity to discover, develop and launch their potential. 


During her thirty-year professional career, she passionately pursued leadership development curricula, training and opportunities for herself and others. Unable to find a unique solution  strategically designed to meet each leader where they are in their journey and facilitate their individual growth, she took action. Gina’s profound belief in human potential, coupled with passion and the demand for providing effective leadership development, were the driving forces behind the formation of Go Beyond Consulting, an organization committed to providing dynamic solutions to develop leaders and build leadership capacity across organizations.  


Gordon Flinn | Solutions Team Member


Gordon is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of achieving results in the transportation, financial services and education industries. Gordon is mission-driven and people-oriented, with a passion for working with leaders, donors and organizations to discover and develop their capacity and sustainable effectiveness. He brings broad experience in operations management and systems efficiency from United Parcel Service and over 20 years in marketing and development.


His results-oriented ability to coach leaders, integrate systems, and develop effective planning, delivers additional value to our clients. In addition to working with Go Beyond Consulting’s clients, Gordon owns Go Forth Consulting in Redding, California.

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