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Are you looking to develop your unique leadership presence? Do you want to expand your influence, command attention and respect through increased confidence and energy? Your search is over! Go Beyond’s dynamic leadership solutions are the keys to unlock (discover), develop and unleash your unique leadership presence.

Benefits to participants
  • Increase confidence

  • Understand and develop leadership presence

  • Discover and establish unique voice

  • Feel empowered and equipped to command attention and respect

  • Control of composure 

  • Develop and implement personal leadership strategy

Who should attend?

Go Beyond’s Leadership Academy for women is designed for women currently in leadership positions, and women who desire personal and professional development in order to expand their influence and prepare for future leadership opportunities. 

Challenges addressed:
  • Leading oneself (self-awareness, strengths)

  • Composure – calm under pressure

  • Leadership Presence (commanding attention & respect)

  • Establishing a unique voice

  • Establishing credibility

  • Balance

  • Leadershift – ability to be agile or nimble amidst uncertainty, constant change and ambiguity

  • Leadershift – strategic thinking and action

  • Enhanced influence up and across the organization


Why choose Go Beyond’s Leadership Academy for Women?
  • 5-month (10 classes) dynamic process, strategically designed to meet each individual where they are in their growth journey and facilitate their learning, discovery, development and transformation

  • Course curricula is uniquely designed delivering a “custom fit” experience

  • Gender-specific format provides a supportive environment that fosters greater openness and space to address issues unique to women in leadership

  • Creates and fosters an opportunity to deepen collegial network

  • Class structure provides time and a safe environment for the exploration of new skills and behaviors

  • Individual Leadership Plans are designed to transfer the learning into action

What does the Leadership Academy include?



Pre-Class Assessment (The Wild Profile) – this assessment is designed to set the foundation for your learning and growth by providing key insights into your personality, character, developmental readiness and your overall life and work fulfillment. It is the beginning step in your whole and intentional developmental journey.
Throughout the academy participants engage in self-learning because the first person we lead is ourselves. The sections specific to self-discovery are key “roots” to the individual’s leadership presence, stability and ability to inspire and influence (lead) others. 


  • 10 classes (2 ½ hours each):  The class environment fosters interactive discovery, deep discussion, real world case studies, time for strategic development to create personalized leadership growth action plans

  • Course content includes assessment tools, executive summaries, books, ready to implement strategies


Go Beyond what you know and who you are today to discover, develop and unleash the leader within.

GBC Women in Leadership - Leadership Academy Course Content and Program   

View the 2019-2020 Course Catalog.
The Course Catalog includes specific information about registration, policies and cancellations.

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