Teamwork is more than just working efficiently as a team. Leaders need to be able to identify individual team member strengths, strategies to align strengths to work responsibilities and strategies to ignite enthusiasm and lead their team to focus relentlessly on the mission and vision. The collective strategies discovered in courses 1–7 of this Leadership Institute provide the bricks and mortar to establish a strong foundation for developing and leading high-performing teams. Effective leaders are intentional in identifying and unleashing the power of their people. They are masters at leading people to continually operate in the “excellence zone” where they win together and achieve big goals.  This two-part course is a journey of discovery into the elements of high-performing teams. Participants will discover strategies to identify team member strengths and generate synergy, cultivate an interdependent we-opic team, strategies to inspire, equip, build and lead a high-performing team.

TEAM - Lead Your High Performing Dream Team (Part I & II) | Courses 8 & 9

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