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Welcome GSVCC Members!
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Online, self-paced and affordable.

We are excited to be a part of the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce Affinity Program. We are offering our Leadership Institute (LI) at a discounted rate through the Affinity Program!  The Leadership Institute includes 10 self-paced, online courses that can help you grow as a leader, advance your career and propel your team and organization to not only succeed, but to thrive.

GSVCC members can purchase the Leadership Institute for $379 ($100 discount), and Go Beyond Consulting is donating $100 of every purchase back to the GSVCC to fund member benefits! Take advantage of this invaluable purchase for yourself or for your employees!

If you choose to purchase the Leadership Institute for your employees, we also offer the Collaborative Learning Sessions (CLS) as an add-on. 

If you are like most leaders right now you are experiencing turnover, frustrated or disengaged team members, conflict in your team. You may feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed?


Go Beyond Consulting’s online learning solution was built to empower and equip individuals to navigate organizational challenges. The Leadership Institute includes ten self-paced online courses packed with the keys to unlock your potential and take your leadership to the next level.

  • Build an organizational culture that supports and encourages each and every team member

  • Discover new and sharpen existing skills to enhance leadership effectiveness

  • Utilize leadership development specifically designed to expand leadership impact and engagement

If you are searching for dynamic leadership development training for your staff, or ready to prepare yourself for a future leadership opportunity, the Leadership Institute is your solution. Leadership is a skill that empowers every individual (not just managers) to look for solutions rather than issues, to be an example and to mobilize teams to function at their highest capacity.


​Let us help your leaders build the bridge between their perceived limits and their untapped potential.


​If you are in the K-12 industry, you will also earn clock hours while you develop and hone your leadership skills!

What You Get


The Leadership Institute includes 10 self-paced, online leadership courses.



You will complete the LI with a self-customized development and growth plan with actionable steps.

You get access to our Leadership Institute Community Forum to ask questions and learn from others in the LI from different industries and around the country.

At checkout, use the coupon code provided to you in your Affinity Program letter from Go Beyond Consulting. If you have not received your letter, please contact us at

Leadership Institute Course Overview

Course 1 | Leadership Begins with You  

Learn to lead yourself first and understand the impact of “how you show up, how you affect a room and the environment you create.” Developing your “A” game plan (high-impact action plan).


Course 2 | The Agile Leader    

Develop skills necessary to lead through resistance and change, realizing strategies to navigate conflict resolution and problem solve with greater confidence and agility.

Course 3 & 4 | Communication…Connection & Results (Part I & II)

Discover strategies for strengthening communication skills through connection. Learn to communicate with brevity, clarity and confidence while delivering succinct and compelling messages. Discover common barriers to effective communication.


Course 5 | Strengths and Leveraging Capacity  

Discover your individual strengths, understand those strengths and how to leverage your capacity to work “in and from” your strengths.

Course 6 | Culture… Leaders Create or Allow Culture 

Discover and develop strategies for creating and sustaining an energy infused and results-oriented culture.  Determine the power and impact that showing up and choice have on culture. Grow the skills necessary to identify, address and go beyond issues impacting trust.

Course 7 | Emotional Intelligent Leader

Decades of research support emotional intelligence (EI) over IQ as the key factor that sets peak performers apart from the mainstream. Recognize the impact of EI on performance and success. Learn strategies to boost EI and create an action-ready plan for growth.


Course 8 & 9 | TEAM - Lead and Develop your High Performing Dream Team (Part I & II)

The collective strategies discovered in courses 1–7 of this Leadership Institute provide the bricks and mortar to establish a strong foundation for developing and leading high-performing teams. Review the elements of high-performing teams. Discover strategies to identify team member strengths and generate synergy, cultivate an interdependent we-opic team, strategies to inspire, equip, build and lead a high-performing team.


Course 10 | Developing Other Leaders

In the absence of focused and continuous leadership development, an organization faces stagnation, failure to fulfill purpose, fiscal implications, lost opportunities, costly employee turnover, etc. High-impact leaders understand and embrace their responsibility to invest time, energy, and resources in developing their team leaders.  Build on strategies to create an environment where leaders thrive and go beyond success to significance. Apply the power of empowerment And the leadership development compounding effect.