Are you looking to do extraordinary things in, through and for your people? 

Transforming the ordinary to extraordinary creates benefits for everyone involved.

Go Beyond is dedicated to helping leaders discover, develop and maximize their potential…embracing their extraordinary. Our professional development solutions focus on individual “whole” leader development. 

Go Beyond’s dynamic leadership development solutions meet every leader exactly where he or she is in their leader development journey. Participants engage in unlocking potential, discovering and developing as a leader. Develop the person… develop the leader… discover greatness… expand leadership influence … lead with impact and maximize results.

GBC Leadership Academy Mini-Series
Course Content and Program   

Mini-Series Benefits to Professional Service Organizations and School Districts
  • Positive impact on organizational culture and outcomes 

  • Immediate relevance and impact

  • Increased productivity

  • Effective use of talent         

  • Prepare and equip current and future leaders 

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Strengthen ability to respond to rapid shifts in the environment

  • Improved recruitment and retention

  • Increased organizational effectiveness

Mini-Series Benefits to Individual Leaders
  • Grow and increase confidence in their role as a leader

  • Clarify challenges and strengthen leadership abilities

  • Gain strategies to lead with agility

  • Gain knowledge about themselves (self-awareness; strengths)

  • Discover new and sharpen existing skills to enhance leadership effectiveness

  • Be equipped with powerful implementation ready strategies

Leadership Academy Mini-Series $495.00 per participant

The Mini-Series includes three classes (2.5 hours each) delivered every other week. 

Class 1: Self Awareness & Composure 

  • Leading yourself first.

  • Understand the impact of “how you show up, how you affect a room and the environment you create”

  • Developing your “A” game plan (high-impact action plan)


Class 2:  Strengths I 

  • Discover individual strengths

  • Understand strengths and how to leverage capacity


Class 3:  Strengths II  

  • Learn strategies to work consistently in strengths

  • Explore and unpack the four domains

Leadership Academy Mini-Series Course Descriptions

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